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6mm 8mm 10mm extra clear glass shelves, low iron glass shelves, ultra white glass shelves panels

6mm 8mm 10mm extra clear glass shelves, low iron glass shelves, ultra white glass shelves panels

  • Glass type: float glass or tempered glass
  • Glass thickness: mainly 6mm to 12mm
  • Glass size: length maximum 3m
  • Glass color: low iron glass / extra clear glass / crystal glass / ulrta white glass
  • Glass shape: rectangle glass, triangle glass, quarter circle glass, custom shape
  • Detail process: drilling holes, cut notches
  • Edge work: seamed edge, flat polished edge, beveled edge, pencil edge
  • Package: strong wooden crates
  • Delivery: 7-10 days
SGG 6mm 8mm 10mm extra clear crystal glass panel for glass shelves

Glass shelves is made of float glass or tempered safety glass panels with hardware. Cut to fit the required space size or standard size, drilling holes or cut notches to install with shelf kits, and polished edges. Glass shelves blend with any style of interior decoration, can be widely used in bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, bar, office, shopping mall, and exhibitions. To use a glass shelves, it bring a touch a elegance, and won't blocking light spreading, more important it doesn't making the space and vision crowded by filling in a shelf. 

Sun Global Glass supply with custom cut tempered glass shelves or float glass shelves with high quality and well packed for delivery. Tempered glass is more recommended because of its security and durable.

Extra clear glass also called ultra white glass or low iron glass, it is colorless and crystal glass that considered as a uper grade glass to display some valuable items like jewelry cabient or museum cabients. 

Glass type for glass shelves:
- float glass / annealed glass

Shapes of glass panels for glass shelves:
- square glass shelves
- rectangle glass shelves
- triangle glass shelves
- quarter circle glass shelves
- corner pentagon glass shelves

Color range of glass shelves:
- clear glass
- crystal glass / extra clear glass / low iron glass / ultra white glass
- frosted glass / acid etched glass / sandblasted glass
- tinted color glass: bronze glass / grey glass / green glass / blue glass
- other colors

Edge work of glass panels for shelves:
- seamed edge / straight edge
- chamfer edge / flat polished edge
- belved edge
- pencil edge

Applications of ultra white glass shelves:
- bathroom glass shelves
- jewelry glass shelves
- display glass shelves
- exhibition glass shelves
- wall mounted glass shelves
- other custom glass shelves

Product Details:

Stylish of glass shelves installation:

Tempered glass shelves
Tempered glass is a security glass that make the glass shelves durable, meanwhile protect people from secious injury from broken glass. Because glass fragments of tempered glass is small cubics with rough edge. 

Production line of tempered glass panels for glass shelves:

Pakcage and Loading:

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