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12mm safety toughened glass shelves, 12mm rectangle glass shelves , 12mm clear tempered glass shelves panel

12mm safety toughened glass shelves, 12mm rectangle glass shelves , 12mm clear tempered glass shelves panel

  • Glass type:  tempered glass
  • Glass thickness:  12mm
  • Glass size: length maximum 3m
  • Glass color: low iron glass / extra clear glass / crystal glass / ulrta white glass
  • Glass shape: rectangle glass, triangle glass, quarter circle glass, custom shape
  • Detail process: drilling holes, cut notches
  • Edge work: seamed edge, flat polished edge, beveled edge, pencil edge
  • Package: strong wooden crates
  • Delivery: 7-10 days
SGG 12mm Clear tempered glass panel for glass shelves

12mm tempered glass shelves is made by tempered safety glass panels with hardware.Basically, glass shelving represents a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality. It is an item that allows a homemaker or commercial decorator to create storage solutions while enhancing a room’s visual appeal. Glass shelving is also a superb choice for applications involving the exhibition of artwork, collectibles, awards, and so on. It keeps your valued pieces front and center while bringing the beauty and freshness of glass to the display.


1.12mm tempered glass shelves is 4-5 times stronger than 12mm annealed glass. 

2. Customized design can be printed on glass shelves  

3. Tempered glass has a perfect performance in resisting thermal stress and scratch

4. Bear sudden temperature change of 220 ℃

What other types glass for glass shelves?

Clear float glass

Low iron float glass

Acid etched glass

Laminated glass

Edge work available for glass shelves

- seamed edge / straight edge /chamfer edge / flat polished edge  beveled edge / pencil edge

The shapes of glass shelves: 

square glass shelves 

- rectangle glass shelves 

- triangle glass shelves 

- quarter circle glass shelves 

- corner pentagon glass shelves

What are the glass used for?

Glass shelving can be used in the home for applications such as –

Chic display of antiques or art in your main living area

Shelves over the vanity for storage of toothbrush holder, cup, razor, etc.

Book shelves in your study or near your home computer

Laundry room shelves for keeping detergent, fabric softener, and stain removers out of reach of children

Shelves in bedroom or storage closets

Replacement for faulty shelves in a cabinet

Product Details:

Stylish of glass shelves installation:

Tempered glass shelves
Tempered glass is a security glass that make the glass shelves durable, meanwhile protect people from secious injury from broken glass. Because glass fragments of tempered glass is small cubics with rough edge. 

Production line of tempered glass panels for glass shelves:

Pakcage and Loading:

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