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7mm U-shaped glass,7mm U channel glass,7mm U profiled glass7mm U-shaped glass,7mm U channel glass,7mm U profiled glass7mm U-shaped glass,7mm U channel glass,7mm U profiled glass

7mm U-shaped glass,7mm U channel glass,7mm U profiled glass

  • 1.Glass name: U-glass
  • 2.Other Name: U shaped glass, U channel glass, U profiled glass
  • 3.Thickness: 7mm
  • 4.Max length: 6000mm, etc
  • 5.Face Width: 232mm, 262mm, 332mm
  • 6.Flange Height: 60mm
  • 7.Delivery Time: 7-15 days after deposit payment received
  • 8.Package: strong exportation wood crates
SGG U shape glass-Total Solution of supplier of Architectural U-Glass in China

SGG U-shaped profiled glass is a kind of annealed glass, and fitted with longitudinal wire reinforcement. U channel glass belongs to highly durable product that can allow light to enter buildings whilst presenting a translucent external appearance. A wide range of fitting options provides considerable flexibility. 

U-glass is a kind of rolled glass obtained from a shaping process in glass furnaces controlled by a computer system.


Thickness: 7mm
Face Width: 232mm, 262mm, 332mm
Flange Height: 60mm
Max Length: 6000mm, with customized length

Types of U shaped glass:

1.transparent super white U glass

2.Ice pattern U glass

3.Ripple U glass

4.Open mold and produce special patterns and non standards U glass based on customers’ request.
7mm U shaped glass

Deep Process:

1.Tempered and Heat soak test

U-glass can be reinforced according to customers’ requirements. After being heated in the reinforce furnace, the joad-carrying capability of the surface of the glass can reach 10000 PSI or more. The intensity of reinforced U-glass is 3-4 times that of common U glass. Because fragments of reinforced U-glass are normally small after breaking and do not have sharp edges, it is not harmful.

2.Glass coatings- Low radiation: 

In winter, glass coatings can effectively block energy convection through windows so that it can effectively maintain warmth. In summer, glass coatings can effectively stop heat energy going into rooms and cut off 99% of the energy of ultraviolet rays and infrared.

Sky Blue U glass

Sub-transparent sky blue is not only bright and beautiful, but also could adjust the transparency and rays.

Ceramic color U glass

After being heated, the pre-set color will be retained on the inner side of the U-glass with a very high hardness, strong adhesive force and color fastness. There are many color choices available.

3.Sand blasting process

Sand blasting process could improve light scattering of the glass. After being blasted sand, the surface of the glass is not easy remained fingerprint.

Advantages of U profile glass:

1.U channel glass has constant quality and precise size.

2.Due to its U-shaped section, it has better mechanical strength than general size.

3.It allows a bigger span during installing and does not need additional supporters so that a batch of additional building materials can be saved.

4.By perfect transmission of light, it can save energy consumption.

5.When installed in double layers, it provides perfect performance of heat protection, thermal insulation and sound insulation.

6.It is easily processed and suitable for outer walls and indoor partitions.

7.Safe properly and low maintenance cost


U profile glass mostly used in glass facade or glass wall. It can achieve special beauty for buildings.

U profiled glass application

Picture of 7mm low iron U profiled glass:

7mm U-glass

7mm U shaped glass

7mm U channel glass

Architecture Installation of U channel glass:

U glass installation

Production process of U shaped glass:

U glass production

Packing& Shipping:

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