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8.38mm low-e laminated glass,double glazing energy saving low-e glass,442 solar control low-e glass

8.38mm low-e laminated glass,double glazing energy saving low-e glass,442 solar control low-e glass

  • Glass type: Solar control glass, Low-e glass, Energy saving glass
  • Standard Size: 2140*3300, etc
  • Thickness range: 4mm to 10mm
  • Function: solar control, low emissivity, energy efficiency
  • Applications: low-e glass window, low-e glass door, low e glass facade, low e glass curtain wall
  • Quality: in accordance with GB/T18915.2-2002
  • Type: Online coated low e glass(hard coating)
  • Offline coated low e glass(soft coating)  
  • Online Low e Color: Clear  
  • Offline Low e Color: Clear, gray, blue, green, color can be customized  
  • Size: 2140x3300mm, customized sizes.
  • Processing services: can be tempered and laminated.
8.38MM Low Emissivity Glass--Sloar Control  Glass

Low e glass is a kind of  that belong to  coated glass family coated with one or more layers of metal or compound films on the quality float glass by using magnetic sputtering method.It has low thermal conductivity and high light transmittance, ensuring visible light transmittance and reducing light pollution based on prevention of heat losses. LOW-E Glass is widely used in large-sized curtain wall and decorations because of its luxury, comfortable and energy saving features

How does low-e glass works?
When heat or light energy is absorbed by glass it is either shifted away by moving air or reradiated by the glass surface. The ability of a material to radiate energy is known as emissivity. In general, highly reflective materials have a low emissivity and dull darker colored materials have a high emissivity. All materials, including windows, radiate heat in the form of long-wave, infrared energy depending on the emissivity and temperature of their surfaces. .


  • Thickness: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm etc 
  • Type: Online coated low e glass(hard coating) 
  • Offline coated low e glass(soft coating)  
  • Online Low e Color: Clear  
  • Offline Low e Color: Clear, gray, blue, green, color can be customized  
  • Size: 2140x3300mm, customized sizes. 
  • Processing services: can be tempered and laminated. 
The advantages of low-e laminated glass
    The firm and tough bindings between PVB films and the glass makes laminated glass the safe glass with excellent performance. Vertically or sideling installed, it can resist the external impact and prevent penetration. Once broken, the broken pieces will still be stuck with the middle coatings so as to avoid human injury or property loss because of glass falling. Moreover, the whole glass still keeps its integrity and can continue to resist impact and provide a shelter from wind and rain.

Sound insulation
    Laminated glass can effectively reduce the noise with the range of the whole sound wave frequency. The special laminated structure and PVB film of laminated glass can stop the sound wave, thus effectively preventing the expanding of the sound. It has excellent sound insulation effect and can effectively reduce the high and low frequency noises of cars, human voices and planes.

Performance of controlling sunshine and ultraviolet radiation
    PVB coating has the performance of ultraviolet radiation filtration. The PVB middle coating can absorb at least 99.5% ultraviolet radiation. Special PVB coating can add the performance of controlling sunshine penetration to the laminated glass, thus preventing giddying and effectively block the ultraviolet radiation. And the indoor furniture, plastics, textile, carpet, arts, ancient cultural relics and commodities can avoid fading and aging because of the ultraviolet radiation emission.

Energy conservation
    The building laminated glass made of PVB coating can effectively reduce the transmission of sunlight and the air conditioning energy consumption. Of the same thickness, the laminated glass made of PVB coating of dark low transmission ratio has stronger heat insulation performance.

    Laminated glass can protect human beings and their property. It can effectively resist crimes like stealing and violent intrusion. Aiming at destroying behaviors or resisting violent break-in, laminated glass has the corresponding intensity. Laminated glass cannot be single-side cut. It is very hard and will be easily caught when trying to break into a house by cuttin



The laminated glass is widely applied in hotel, restaurant, airport, hospital, lab, scientific research institute, vehicle, glass partition, stadium, and the buildings where there is a large crowd and the damage easily happens due to human body’s easy touching

The types of low-e glass


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