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8MM Frosted Sandblasted Glass, 8MM Sandblasted Etching Glass, 8MM Sandblasted Glass8MM Frosted Sandblasted Glass, 8MM Sandblasted Etching Glass, 8MM Sandblasted Glass

8MM Frosted Sandblasted Glass, 8MM Sandblasted Etching Glass, 8MM Sandblasted Glass

  • Sandblast Glass Specification:
  • 1.Glass substrate: float glass, tinted glass
  • 2. Glass thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm
  • 3. Gass size: can be standard size, such as: 2140mm*3300mm, etc.
  • 4. Custom size and shape are available.
  • 5. Customized designs are available, but design drawing must be provided by customers.
  • 6. Sandblast etching one side or two sides are available.
  • 7. Can be applied to tempered glass, laminated glass, and insulated glass, and so on
  • 8. Glass packing: Brand new, seaworth wooden case with foam protection inside.
  • 9. Delivery Time:  within 7 days after deposit payment received.
8MM Sandblasted Frosted Glass-- Building Materials For Both Residential and Commercial

Sandblasting etching is an age-old method of imprinting images on glass. It usually uses a high speed machine that blasts down on the glass panel’s surface with sand or other materials to achieve a translucent appearance. Sandblasted Glass also can let you choose the level of glass opaqueness that best fits your needs. Or you can have your own design which can be realized by Sun Global Glass. 

8MM Sandblasted Frosted Glass Production Process:

Before mass production of 8MM Sandblasted Frosted Glass, people must collect high quality of 8MM Clear Float Glass or 8MM Tinted Glass as Frosted Glass substrate; spray sand at high velocities over the surface of anneal glass, this process give the glass a translucent surface.

During sandblasted etching, only the area which is sprayed by sand have frosted effect. The rest area still can keep transparent surface, that is why we can say that Sandblasted Glass also can be designed by variety looking, most important is that the glass can continue to still transmit light, but some parts keep privacy for room interior.

You can choose sandblast etching one side or both sides. 

non-fingerprint glass

8MM Frosted Sandblasted Glass Features:

1.Compare to float glass, 8MM Sandblasting Etched Glass have opaque surface, thus it also referred as privacy glass 

2.Compare to 8MM Acid Etched Glass, 8MM Sandblasting Glass have more rough surfaces, and
3.Good privacy building materials as it has translucent appearance 

4.All kind of float glass can be sandblast frosted glass substrate, thus different glass material renders a different level of opacity and crates varied visual effects. It also impacts performance ratios such as: visible light transmission (VLT), visible light reflectance, shading coefficient, solar direct transmittance and U-value, etc. 

5.They can be 8MM Tempered Sandblasted Glass, or 17.52mm sandblasted laminated glass, or can be applied on Insulated Glass. 

8MM Frosted Sandblast Glass Specification:

1.Glass substrate: 8mm clear float glass, 8mm ultra clear float glass, 8mm french green float glass, 8mm dark grey float glass, 8mm dark blue glass, 8mm ford blue glass, 8mm euro grey float glass, 8mm bronze float glass, etc. 

2.Glass size: can be standard size, such as: 2140mm*3300mm, etc. 

3.Custom size and shape are available. 

4.Customized designs are available, but design drawing must be provided by customers. 

5.Sandblast etching one side or two sides are available. 

Sandblasted Frosted Glass Applications:

1.  Glass Dividers

2. doors and shower surrounds are some of the most popular architectural uses of sandblasted glass. 

3. Sand-blasted glass can be used in numerous interior design applications in both residential and commercial settings: doors, shower screens, partitions and interior screens, furniture, glass balustrades, hand railing etc. 

sandblasted glass application

SGG Sandblasted Glass packing:

1. standard size packing

standard size glass paking

2. customized size apcking

customized size glass paking
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