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8mm+8mm smart glass, 8mm+8mm switchable glass, switchable privacy intelligent glass for window or partition8mm+8mm smart glass, 8mm+8mm switchable glass, switchable privacy intelligent glass for window or partition

8mm+8mm smart glass, 8mm+8mm switchable glass, switchable privacy intelligent glass for window or partition

  • Name: Switchable Glass, Privacy Glass, Smart Glass ,PDLC Glass, Magic Glass, Intelligent glass etc.
  • Technology: PDLC
  • Glass thickness: 4mm+4mm to 10mm+10mm etc.
  • Thickness of smart film: 0.5mm
  • Size: customized size, not beyond 1.8*50m/roll.

SZG 8mm+8mm smart glass - Best Intelligent glass for Partition Wall

Smart Glass or switchable glass saves the energy costs and blocks UV rays, controls heat and light intake. It is the glass that light transmission properties are altered when voltage, light or heat is applied. Generally, the glass changes from translucent(frosted) to transparent(clear), and change from blocking some wavelengths of light to letting light pass through.


smart glass

 switchable privacy intelligent glass

Work principle:

When turn off the power of smart glass, the electronic control of the glass inside the liquid crystal molecules will appear irregularly dispersed state and the electronic control glass showed the station from transparent/clear to translucent/opaque.

When turn on the power, the inside of the LCD Molecules appear neatly arranged, the light can be free to penetrate, then smart glass instantly showing a transparent/clear status.


Advantages of smart glass:


1. Protect privacy: When turn off the switch, the smart glass become translucent, It can protect human privacy.


2. Safety factor: When use tempered glass for smart glass, it have safety glass features.


3. When installed in the envelope of buildings, smart glass creates climate adaptive building shells.


4. When turn on the switch, the smart glass becomes in transparent, It have good lighting and can save costs for heating, air-conditioning and lighting.


5. Due to good performance, it can avoid the cost of installing and maintaining motorized light screens or blinds or curtains.


6. Blackout smart glass blocks 99.4% of ultraviolet light, reducing fabric fading.


7. Sound insulation features: the middle of the switchable glass film with sound damping effect and can block noise partially.

smart glass data

Smart Glass Specification:


Glass thickness: 4mm+4mm pdlc smart glass,5mm+5mm pdlc smart glass,6mm+6mm pdlc smart glass,8mm+8mm pdlc smart glass,10mm+10mm pdlc smart glass etc.


Thickness of smart film: 0.5mm


Size: customized size, max size 1.8*50m per roll.


Estimated life span: 10 years




1. Window glass


2. Partition wall glass


3. Shower door glass


4. Roof/skylight glass

smart glass application


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