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Low-E glass China factory ,4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm low emissivity glass,solar control low e glass building glass manufacturers

Low-E glass China factory ,4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm low emissivity glass,solar control low e glass building glass manufacturers

  • Glass type: Solar control glass, Low-e glass, Energy saving glass
  • Standard Size: 2140*3300, etc
  • Thickness range: 4mm to 10mm
  • Function: solar control, low emissivity, energy efficiency
  • Applications: low-e glass window, low-e glass door, low e glass facade, low e glass curtain wall
SGG solar control and energy saving LOW-E glass China factory and manufacturer

Low-E glass is short for Low-Emissivity. Low-E glass is used vacuum magnetron sputtering method on the glass surface coated with one or two or even three layers of silver film.
The low e glass can reduce energy absorption, control of indoor and outdoor energy exchange, protect of life and work vity Comfort, and achieve the purpose of environmental protection and energy conservation.
low e glass building glass manufacturers
Industry experts consider low e glass as constant temperature glass, that is, regardless of the number of indoor and outdoor temperature difference, as long as installation of low-E glass, indoor spend a small amount of air conditioning costs will be able to maintain cool in Summer and warm in Winter situation forever. Low-e glass not only affect glass ultraviolet light, shading factor, but also have a little different colors appear in the glass reflective surface.


Thickness: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm etc
Type: Online coated low e glass(hard coating)
          Offline coated low e glass(soft coating)
Online Low e Color: Clear
Offline Low e Color: Clear, gray, blue, green, color can be customized
Size: 2140x3300mm, customized sizes.


1.Low-E glass has the characteristics of low heat transfer coefficient and infrared ray reflection function. Its main function is to reduce the indoor and outdoor far-infrared radiation energy transfer, and allow solar radiation as much as possible into the room, so as to maintain the indoor temperature, saving heating and air conditioning costs. The transmittance of visible light of low e glass is high, the color of reflected light is light, almost hard to see.

2.Low-E glass is a kind of new-generation coated glass which can reflect outdoor solar energy, visible light and infrared radiant heat like clear float glass, also can reflect as infrared ray. No matter in what kind climate environment, can be used to control the sun light, save energy, heat control and improve the environment control.

3.LOW-E glass has good optical properties. Low-E glass has a high transmittance of sunlight in the visible light, up to 80% or more. While the reflectance is very low, which makes it compared with the traditional coated glass, optical properties greatly improved.

4. On-line Low-E glass withstand high temperatures near the softening point of the glass during tempering, while the color of the film may change, resulting in chromatic aberration. In addition, the online Low-E glass is tempered with coating, the presence of coating makes the glass on both sides of the heating asymmetry. As tempered process is difficult to control, may have a large deformation in  tempered process and a series of problems. The off-line Low-E glass is coated after tempered, and will not have those kind problems.


In architectural applications, Low-E glass can be used to achieve the effect of cool in Summer and warm in Winter, with excellent insulation, thermal insulation performance results. Low-E glass is one kind of the coated glass, reduce the heat transfer caused by the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature.

1. Low-E glass can be used as glass facade or glass curtain wall, widely in high, medium and low latitudes area, can block external heat into the indoor function in the Summer.

2. Low-E glass can used as building windows and doors, greatly reduce the radiation caused by the indoor heat transfer to the outside, to achieve the desired energy-saving effect.

3. Low-E glass can process to low e laminated glass and low e insulated glass, widely use in modern building construction.

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Low-E glass China factory  building glass manufacturers

Low-E glass China factory  building glass manufacturers

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