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laminated fabric glass,wired mesh laminated glass,cloth fabric EVA laminated glasslaminated fabric glass,wired mesh laminated glass,cloth fabric EVA laminated glasslaminated fabric glass,wired mesh laminated glass,cloth fabric EVA laminated glass

laminated fabric glass,wired mesh laminated glass,cloth fabric EVA laminated glass

  • Glass type: Eva Laminated Glass
  • Other name: EVA film laminated glass /EVA interlayer laminated glass
  • Composition:glass + EVA Film + glass
  • Shape: flat and curved
  • Glass color: clear, frosted, blue, green, gray, bronze, customized colors
  • Single glass thickness: 3mm to 19mm
  • EVA color: transparent, blue, green, gray,etc
  • EVA Thickness: 0.38mm 0.76mm 1.14mm 1.52mm 1.9mm
  • Maximum length:3300 mm
  • Minimum width:13000 mm  
SZG laminated fabric glass- interior decoration glass manufacturers & factory

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate(EVA film) is a copolymer-based optical interlayer film used to laminate switchable glass composites. These composites or dimmable glass provide switchable on-off privacy for architectural and other decorative glass lamination applications.

laminated fabric glass  are made Two layers of  glass "sandwiched" together with EVA film interlayer, Eva laminated glass is the one kind of  glass that reconciles the aesthetic benefits of glass with a genuine concern for safety; offering superior protection against glass breakage, as well as harmful solar rays and hazardous noise levels.
EVA interlayers are ideal for laminating decorative glass due to its ability to encapsulate objects sandwiched within the glass laminate.  Argotec's high-flow EVAs flow around irregular shaped objects, whereas other interlayers leave voids and bubbles. It also has excellent adhesion to multiple surfaces like aluminum, PET, and more.

Production condition:

EVA processing and storage conditions are relatively low, the temperature does not exceed 30 ℃, humidity can be less than 80%, the film requirements of the device is also low, vacuum ≥ 700mmHg (0.092Mpa), the temperature is 100-110 ℃.


1. Thickness: 9.52mm laminated fabric glass,11.52mm laminated fabric glass,13.52mm laminated fabric glass,17.52mm laminated fabric glass,25.52mm laminated fabric glass,31.52mm laminated fabric glass etc.

2.Max size: 3300x12000mm

3. Color and design based on customers' drawing.


1. High transparency, high adhesion, impact resistance, good durability.

2. Can resist high temperature, moisture, ultraviolet, etc., and can be used for a long time outdoors.

3. Store with room temperature, the adhesion of EVA is not affected by moisture and absorbent film.

4. Compared to PVB has stronger sound insulation, especially high-frequency sound effects.

5. Low melting point, easy to flow.


Our EVA laminated glass meet China, European, and American quality standard, such as CCC, EN12543,ISO9001 etc.


Eva laminated glass mostly used indoor decoration, such as partition wall, interior door, etc.

Picture details of laminated fabric glass:

Product image:

laminated fabric glass

wired mesh laminated glass

cloth fabric EVA laminated glass

eva decoration glass

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