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Float glass, Heat strengthed glass, Tempered glass, and Heat soaked glass

  • Author:Brenda
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-19
How to choose glass for glass window, glass canopy, glass door, and glass fence?

Different in strength, we have float glass, heat strengthed glass, tempered glass and heat soaked glass. Thickness available from 2mm to 19mm. The thicker, the stronger.

All the glass types can be laminated for an uper grade security glass. 

Float glass is also called annealed glass. It is fragile and easy to broken. It is mainly applied to glass windows, glass photo frames, meter glass, some times glass table tops.

Tempered glass is heated the float glass to 700℃, then cooled rapidly. It is 5 times stronger than float glass, it is also called safety glass. Toughened glass is widely used as glass door, glass wall, glass railings, glass roof, furniture glass....

Heat strengthed glass is also called half tempered glass. It is heated to same temperature, but cooled slower and longer time. With this process, heat strengthed glass is about 2 times stronger than float glass or annealed glass, but have no risk of spontaneous breakage. Heat strengthed glass is mainly used for glass canopies.

Heat soaked glass is heated twice. The first time heated to 700℃ and cooled rapidly as tempered glass. Then heat again at 290℃ for several hours, to cause the NiS inclusions broken tempered glass, so that effeciently reduced the spontaneous breakage in tempered glass after installed. Heat soaked glass is widely used for glass fence, glass railings, glass balustrade, glass balcony, and anywhere apply to tempered glass.

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