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Glass partition wall

  • Author:Alice
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-03-13
Glass partition wall

Now as the house prices rising, most people will consider to save some space when make the home decoration. Then we need to choose glass partition wall. 

The types of glass partition wall:

On the market, there are many kinds of glass partition walls. With the rapid development of economy, people’s life becomes better, then have more demands for materials. So that’s why have so much glass partition walls. Every consumer could choose the suitable glass partition according to their own requirements. Through the use of them, could make the full use of the space and get decoration effect. When we choose the glass partition, we need to know some about its types:

1.According to the glass materials: mainly including Single glazing glass partition, Frosted glass partition, Laminated glass partition, Insulated glass partition... 

2. According to the frame materials: Aluminum frame glass partition, Stainless steel glass partition, Plastic steel glass partition, Wooden keel frame glass partition, Frameless glass partition...

3. According to the frame size: 26mm glass partition, 50mm glass partition, 80mm glass partition, 86mm glass partition, 100mm glass partition...

4. According to the rail: Fixed glass partition, Moving glass partition, Folding glass partition, Straight glass partition, Curved glass partition.

5. According to the function&quality: Safety glass partition, Fireproof glass partition, Ultra clear glass partition, Art glass partition.

The differences between glass partition:

1. The ordinary Clear glass partition shows glass’ transparent characteristic, simple and clear.

2. The Colored glass partition, not only give the people elegant and noble texture, but also use the transmittance of glass, could creates all kinds of atmosphere.

3. The Frosted glass partition shows the hazy beauty.

4. The crack glass partition: the tempered glass appears natural crack after knocked. Then glue its front and back. Every crack on the glass is different, so has a special visual impression.