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How to distinguish the good quality and bad quality Insulated glass windows

  • Author:Alice
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-03-10

How to distinguish the good quality and bad quality Insulated glass windows

The standard Insulated glass Windows should seal the two pieces glass by sealing strip, then vacuumized the glass and fill the inert gas. This structure makes the Insulated glass have a good effect of soundproof and heat resistant. However, the poor quality Insulated glass just seal the two pieces of glass by glue, doesn’t have above process, so it doesn’t have the particular soundproof and heat resistant effect.

The consumers could distinguish the Insulated glass windows by bellow 3 points: 

1. The glass is sealed or not. The faked Insulated glass windows, it’s used the black PVC Article foam adhesive, doesn’t have sealing effect. However, the real Insulated glass windows use the special seal adhesive strip to make sure it’s totally sealed. 

2. For the real Insulated glass, there is an aluminum strip between the 2 pieces of glass and there are many small air holes which used to put desiccant. These desiccant could absorb the water in the air, to prevent the Insulated glass windows from accruing the phenomenon of the "misty" after heated. The faked Insulated glass windows without these stuff.

3. Could test the soundproof effect on the spot. The real Insulated glass windows have a good soundproof effect, the faked Insulated glass windows don’t have a good soundproof effect. The quality of materials, the good quality Insulated glass windows use the excellent materials, the poor quality Insulated glass windows use the low grade materials, some even use the recycle materials. The excellent materials have a smooth surface, clean, uniform color, no scratch, no bubble, no breakage at welding place, enough hardness and thickness. The bad materials will have some bubbles, uneven color, some even will deform by hand knock.

By the way, also could check the quality of hardware fitting, such as hinge, lock…These metal materials should do corrosion protection, such as galvanized, chrome plating, spraying, or made by stainless steel. The complementary material also is important, mainly including brush seal and gasket. The high quality brush seal fur will be tightness and flexible, could effectively prevent the water and dust. The good quality gasket has smooth surface, tidy edge, flexible. If the Insulated glass windows use good quality gasket to seal, it could maintain the sealing state for a long time.