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The tempered glass coffee table

  • Author:Alice
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-03-15

The tempered glass coffee table

As the tempered glass has Impact resistance, bending resistance, temperature resistance and security function these excellent features, makes the tempered glass becomes the most widely used of security glass, and usually used in interior decoration, modern furniture and all kinds of advanced electrical. Tempered glass coffee table just also becomes more popular, used in the sitting room and match the sofa.

The glass coffee table has a good development in recently years. Especially the integrated molding tempered glass coffee table has streamline feeling and as if there is water flowing in the living room.

As it is glass quality, this kind of coffee table has clear, fresh transparent quality. Through the light, has cube effect, could make the space becoming larger. It also brings cure, transparent and fashion to our living room.

1. Diversity collocation and has unique features

There are many kinds of sofa could match Tempered glass coffee table, such as fabric sofa, wood sofa, leather sofa all could match with glass coffee table. The Tempered glass coffee table is easy to match with other furniture. The different collocation has different feelings. Although they are still our familiar decoration styles: such as baroque, American and French country, but all will show the unique feature as the tempered glass coffee table appearance.

2. Fresh and clean, transparent quality

The tempered glass makes people feel clean. If match with dark color furniture, it will makes the whole room environment brand new, create a kind of modern feeling. At the same time, it has extremely artistic expression. The clear glass itself has art viewing character, the glass coffee table’ appearance makes people tying to art once again.

3.Simple molding& fluently line

The tempered glass coffee table is one of the most popular glass furniture. Its design most is single panel, no complex decoration and the line is very simple and fluent.