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The Villa decoration glass

  • Author:Alice
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-03-15
The Villa decoration glass

The perfect ground color:

As a kind of transparent material, the glass could be used as a perfect ground color, fully shows and increase the beauty of decorative element. The Villa decoration designers advise could use glass to make showcase, use dry flowers, dry branch, decorative stone and shell these rich and colorful materials to set. This kind of design will become the highlight of the home. Besides, as long as give full play to the imagination, creativity, we could use glass on ceiling, stair handrail, screen, furniture. The suitable ornament could make the atmosphere more romantic, delicate and interesting.

Increase light and transparent:

If the space doesn’t have sufficient light, could use Tempered glass or glass block as part of wall, then could improve the space light, let the space more bright. The Villa decoration designers pointed out that using 8mm, 10mm, 12mm thickness Tempered glass could be relatively high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and bearing weight. It could be used as Kitchen partition, Study room partition, Bathroom partition.

The transparent partition shows high grade:

In Villa decoration, usually use printing glass as partition, also begin to use organic resin glass in the home design. The printing glass as partition, although the cost is higher, but bright and artistic, could reduce the isolation between 2 spaces, expand the visual space. Using frosted glass to make entryway is a good choice. Besides, use printing glass to make partition, could short construction period and has good water resistance, don’t fear humid environment. At the same time, the printing glass has rich colors and figures, also could customized, so it’s suitable for many styles.