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Heat insulation principle for low E glass

Heat insulation principle for low E glass

Queenie www.sggglassmanufacturer.com 2018-08-09 17:51:41
In the middle of the 1970s, people find that heat transfer for double glazing is most generated by infrared radiation from one glass to another. Thus, we can reduce the transmission of radiant heat by reducing the emissivity of one surface of double glazing, This idea is also the origin of LOW-E glass.

For clear glass of double glazing without any coating, it is high degree of long-wave radiation exchange between each other. If If Low-E coating is coated on the surface of the clear glass, the long-wave radiation exchange between two pieces of glass will be greatly reduced. Therefor we can conclude that it is better to process low E glass into insulated glass, which is better performance in insulation effect and very suitable for cold areas.

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Data show that the emissivity of clear float glass is 0.84, after coating with an emissivity of 0.2, the radiation exchange rate will reduced by 3/4, which means the heat transfer coefficient value is also reduced. When the thickness of the glass is 4mm and the thickness of the air is 12mm, the heat transfer coefficient of the double glazing is about 2.8W/(m2*k), after coating an low E, the heat transfer coefficient will reduced to 1.8W/(m2*k).

In fact, the advantages of low E are obvious, because of the thin firm, it is basically transparent to short-wave radiation, which make the ultraviolet and visible light can be basically passed through. Contrary, Low e coating is opaque to long-wave infrared radiation. So, low E can keep indoor thermal energy in winter and reflect a large amount of heat radiation from the outdoor in summer.

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Low-E is divided into online and offline, Generally, quality of online Low-E is relatively stable and not as easy to oxidize as offline, but heat insulation effect is not better than off-line. If you want to improve insulation by thickening the coating, it will make the color of glass quickly deepen, light transmittance will also greatly reduced. insulation effect for Offline Low-E is good but must be process into insulated glass and the process must begin once finish once finish coating. Otherwise the coating will oxidize and make the transparency decline.

Insulate low E glass produced by Shenzhen Sun Global is not only with good quality and long service life, but also can reach your requirement for heat insulation effect. Shenzhen Sun Global is attach importance to the strict production process and mission of producing high quality glass for each clients.

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