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How can we avoid the quality problem of glass door and window installation?

How can we avoid the quality problem of glass door and window installation?

Brenda www.sggglassmanufactuer.com 2017-08-04 06:35:49
Sometimes there’re some quality problems occurred because of the careless installation of glass doors and glass windows. Following are seven respects we can try to avoid these problems: 

1.Strict control of glass cutting size, the difference of glass size and the frame fan size should be equal to the thickness of the two pads.

2.We should choose the Shore hardness of 80 hard rubber as the glass pad. Its width should be greater than the glass thickness that it should support. The length of not less than 25mm, the thickness is generally 2 ~ 6mm.

3.Before installing the glass, we should remove the slits in the debris carefully, such as mortar, brick, wood, etc.. And then the glass should be carefully placed in the right position, to ensure uniform on both sides of the gap, and timely fixed, to prevent the collision shift and deviating from the center of the slot.

4. Before putting the glass in place, we should check the pad position, to prevent the collision, vibration that caused pad falling off. If the location is not right, the drainage channels would be blocked.

5. The glass installed in the mullion shall be provided with two load-bearing blocks at the bottom, and the distance from the vertical edge of the glass is 1/4 of the width of the glass and not less than 150 mm. Other directions should be set to block, to fix the glass to ensure that the gap around the uniform.

6. The rubber seal can not be pulled too tight, the cutting length than the assembly length of 20 ~ 30mm. The rubber seal should be inlaid in place during the installation, the surface straight, and close contact to the glass and glass slot , so that the glass surrounding stress evenly. At the corner of the rubber strip should be cut open, and then note adhesive joint solidly.

7. When sealing glass with sealant, we should use rubber or rubber block to squeeze the glass first, leaving the plastic injection gap, the depth of injection should not be less than 5mm, before curing, should keep the glass from vibration.

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