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How to choose tinted glass and reflective glass?

  • Author:Brenda
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-28
Tinted glass and reflective glass have same colors: bronze, green, grey, blue, sometimes pink and gold color available. Both of them are widely used for windows, doors, and curtain walls. The thickness and standard size are also the same. So what is the difference between them, and how to choose them for your projects?

Tinted glass is heat absorbing glass, reflective glass is heat reflection glass. As the name called, their difference are obviously as below:

1. surface- tinted glass is transparent glass. Reflective glass has a metal oxide layer on one side of glass. So on this side we get a mirror finish.
2. light transmittance- tinted glass allows more light transmittance into the building
3. heat transmittance- reflective glass helped to reduce the heat transmittance, it is also a energy saving glass
4. colors- tinted glass only available on those main colors, but reflective glass can be produced on-line or off-line method. By the off-line technique, we can adjust the metal layer to many colors. But in this method, the metal oxide layer is not very durable. 

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