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How to control the quality of insulated glass?

  • Author:KIM
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufactuer.com
  • Release on:2017-10-03
How to control the quality of insulated glass?

How to contro the quality of insulated glass always been a problom in the glass dustry.The  technique of insulated glass had improved a lot in China past 20 years.

Advanced technique is the bast way to improve the quality of  insulated glass,as well 
otherreasons.The glass substrate can be clear float glass,tinted glass,reflective glass,tempered glass,acid etched glass,laminated glass and low e glass.Low e insulated glass has a perfect performance in energy saving.

1.Whole production line

Only successive production line can  promise the quality.from the glass material to the yield insulated glass keep high consistency.Automatic sealing machine can be avoided the human factors to influence quality.

2.Production  environment

The Production  environment of insulated glass has high requirements. It must be produced under Non-dust,Solvent free pollution and mild temperature environment.If the dust exist in the insulated glass production workshop. The It will be affected the whole glass sealing system. If the quality of sealing not good.It will affect the insulated glass quality a lot

3.Quaity control center

Perfect quality control system assure the high qualtiy products.

Sun Global Glass produce insulated glass under CE quality and BS6206 control.

Specification of insulated glass.

Shape: flat insulated glass, curved insulated glass

Composition: glass+aluminum insulation spacer+glass

Single Glass Thickness: 5mm to 10mm

Insulated glass glue: butyl glue and sulfur glue

Spacer thickness: 6A 9A 12A 15A 20A