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What's the appropriate thickness of shower door glass?

What's the appropriate thickness of shower door glass?

Brenda www.sggglassmanufactuer.com 2017-10-04 12:22:03
Nowadays we always like to make the bathroom and shower door with glass materials. The glass shower room is crystal clear and it can prevent the water wet the entire bathroom. The popular types of shower door glass are clear toughened glass and acid etched glass.  In fact, the thickness of shower room glass is very important. What suitable thickness should we choose when we install the shower room? Following are some tips for reference. 

First, the choice of thickness

As the main body of the shower room, shower door glass has a direct impact on the life of shower room. Usually the most common thickness of shower door glass are 6mm glass, 8mm glass, 10mm glass, 12mm glass. Many consumers would be more inclined to choose a thicker glass for shower door. But is the shower room glass the thicker the better? In fact, that’s not necessary. There are different shapes of shower room products in the market such as the semi-curved or liner ones. The thickness of bathroom glass is associated with the shower room shapes. For example, the arc type of shower door which has requirements of the shape of the glass, generally the appropriate thickness is 6mm. Because if the glass is thicker, it’s not easy to make the shape as requested, what’s more, its stability is not as good as thickness of 6mm. Similarly, if you choose a straight-line shower room, the thickness of 8mm and 10mm is the most popular. But I need to remind that, with the increase in glass thickness, the overall weight is also a corresponding increase, which is related to the quality of the hardware with higher demand. But if we choose the glass of 8mm and 10mm, we also need the pulley with very good quality, too.

Second, other consideration

Usually the proportion of shower glass self cracking is very low. but it’s not directly related to the thickness of the glass and not necessarily the thicker the better. According to statistics, the main reason for the shower door glass broken is on the pulleys and other hardware accessories. For example, the pulleys can not be pushed smoothly, there are something in the slide way, pulley with poor load-bearing, etc., these factors will also affect the glass cracking. When we buy shower door glass, except for the 3C certification and other indicators, to choose the reasonable thickness of shower door glass is also very important.

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