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How to identify good quality or bad quality of hollow glass?

  • Author:Bella Zhang
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-10-14
In doors glass and windows glass market, the common choose is insulated glass windows glass & doors glass. Because of the insulation of sound and heat, the hollow glass became the new tend for decoration market. However, the types of insulated glass, the price is different. Following are ways to teach you to identify good or bad hollow glass.

Structure of regular insulating glass
Formal insulating glass is composed of two pieces of glass, sealed with a sealant, and then the middle part of the pump into a hollow, filled with inert gas. This structure can ensure the hollow glass with the function of insulation, and the insulation effect is very good. The cheap low-quality is simply a two glass seal, not through the process of filling the time.
insulated glass composition
Identification of true and false insulating glass
First of all, to identify true and false hollow glass, you can start from three aspects. First, the glass is sealed, fake hollow glass, using a black PVC foam, which can not achieve the sealing effect, good quality is a special sealant. Second, to see whether there is an aluminum compartment between the glass, usually there will be a lot of holes, put desiccant, which is to absorb moisture in the gas to prevent foggy conditions, fake insulating glass is without these. Third, when you buy the glass can test the sound insulation effect, insulating glass sound insulation effect is obvious, the effect is very general fake.
clear low e insulated glass
As we choose the insulating glass, in order to make the home has a comfortable, quiet environment, the quality is the focus of attention when we want to purchase it. Then know how to identify is a great need. We can provide good quality insulated glass, the hot selling insulated glass is 6mm +6mm clear low e insulated glass 9mm spacer, both common used in window glass, door glass, facade glass and curtain wall.