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What is the price of 4mm clear tempered glass which can meet CE/ BS6206 Standard?

  • Author:Susan
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-10-14
4mm Clear Tempered Glass  is cut clear float glass into custom size, then pass them into tempered furnace, which the heating  to near glass softening point of 700 degrees, then rapidly cooled, which let the outer surface of the glass in a state of high compression, and the core or center of glass in compensating tension. This production process make clear tempered glass to be a safety glass that 4-5 times stronger than ordinary annealed glass, that is why tempered glass also called safety toughened glass.

Please note that tempered glass can not be cut any more, even grinding edges, or other processing. Thus all design details of toughened glass must be confirmed before mass production. Like edge polishing, drilling holes, cut outs, etc.

The main application of clear toughened glass 4mm including: 4mm louver glass panels, 4mm clear tempered glass windows panel, 4mm clear tempered glass shelves, Refrigerator panel 4mm tempered glass, 4mm tempered glass cabinet panels, 4mm water meter covering panel, 4mm electricity meters covering panels, and so on.

Thus when you want to get the price of clear tempered glass 4mm, you must offer information as below:
1.How much square meters do you want to buy of 4mm clear toughened glass?
2.Dimension of each 4mm toughened clear glass panel?
3.What kind of processing services you want to have ? For example: drilling holes, cutting notches, polished edge, beveled edge, silkscreen, acid etched, etc.
4.Do you have any special requirement of glass packing? 

Welcome to contact with Shenzhen Sun Global Glass Co., Ltd., to know more the specific quotation of 4mm toughened clear glass.