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why curtain wall irreplaceable?

  • Author:kim
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-02

In the modern city,the modern breath curtain wall decorated a lot high buildings with beautiful scenery.But there are potential dangerous hide in those beautiful buildings.Many accidents caused by the curtain wall breakage fall apart from building,although curtain wall accidents common occurence. But curtain wall still welcomed among the buildings.

 1.Curtain wall irreplaceable temporarily .

 Although curtain wall exist the potential safety hazard,but why curtain wall have a widely application in modern building, its not depends on anyones mind.In fact,its has own irreplaceable in high building.

Glass is a kind of irreplaceable wall structure material.Because glass is transparent,light,highly strength and durable. Any other material can not possess 4 advantages meanwhile.For example beton not strength and transparent. Metallic material can use in building,but can not beautiful as glass.In conclusion,curtain wall can not irreplaceable in high building.

2.Curtain wall renovation make high building a new look

The world's first high-rise full glass curtain wall building was built in 1951 New York.It is 94m high.curtain wall used tempered glass and laminated glass .It’s the original of total glass curtain wall building.The main tower building shaped as rectangular, surrounded by heat insulation blue-green glass curtain wall.This building became landmark building in the Manhattan city . 

But as time goes by,Lever House influenced by climate and glass curtain wall material ,Lever House become broken.laminated glass start break under the thermal stress.For protecting Lever House and keep its appearance as before.Renovation curtain wall can solve this situation perfectly.It used most advanced curtain wall technology to renovation Lever House totally.Lever House became the landmark building again. 

Although curtain wall glass renovation can make building have a new look,but it still cost a lot including advanced technology, labour power and money,The best way to keep curtain wall safe is maintaining.

source from www.sggglassmanufacturer.com