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Why heat soaked test can make tempered glass safer?

  • Author:Susan
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-02
We know that tempered glass have many advantages compare to annealed glass, for example: 5 times harder than float glass; max reduce the injury when the glass is broken; can withstand stronger impacts; etc. Thus toughened glass also referred as safety glass, but there is only one weakness of it, that is spontaneous glass breakage.

During the production process of float glass, there is a risk of glass nickle sulphide inclusions. This phenomenon causes an increase in internal stress in tempered glass, which can ultimately led to spontaneous rupture. Although this phenomenons is extremely rare, but we also need to be very careful and must take some measures to prevent it. Knowing the mechanism of spontaneous glass breakage due to nickel sulphide inclusions developed a method of eliminating the risk of rupture of the sheet. This method is called Heat Soak Test (HST).It consists of heating the hardened glass to a temperature of about 290oC and maintaining it there for a predetermined time standard. At this time, with a probability of close to 99%, a compromise of glass sheets with inclusions and fracture.

Today Heat Soaked Test has been a necessary treatment for tempered glass when it is applied on a large construction sites, such as, shopping mall, train station, school, hospital, etc. Main applications including: glass skylight, glass canopy, glass facade, and glass partition, and so on.

Sun Global Glass is a heat soaked tempered glass factory in China, you can have HST tempered glass thickness from 4mm to 19mm, any kind of shape is available. The more details of heat soak safety glass, please give contact with us without any hesitate.