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How to prevent bubble appearing in laminated glass?

  • Author:Queenie
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2018-07-04
Bubble is the most common and most troublesome quality problem of laminated glass, There are many reasons for the appearance of bubbles.

1. The glass isn’t clean enough.
2. The glass is not completely dried .
3. Glass is mixed with sundries during the Laminated process.
4. The sealing is not strong enough during the pressed process.
5. Too early to seal glass.
6. The pressure is too small.
7. Temperature is too high and too low.
8. Poor quality of the inter layer film.
9. Gummed strips is too soft when glass processed in autoclave.
10. The glass isn’t cooled down to the suitable temperature but exhaust prematurely.

bubble appearing in laminated glass

Of course, the most common reason for bubbles is that the smoothness of tempered glass and the humidity of the glass merging room. Usually should keep the humidity of glass merging room under 30, the glass is better not to be Laminated when the humidity is over 40 and the temperature should be controlled at about 22℃.


How to deal when bubbles appear?
1.Identify the reasons and take targeted measures.
2.Injection of dibutyl fat.
3.For laminated glass with very serious bubbles problems, it can be removed the plate and re-insert the film again.

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