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The applications of burglar retardant glass

  • Author:Brenda
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-10-26
To enhance the security of your home or your business, we offer tempered and laminated glass designed to stop intruders. Toughened laminated glass is widely used by banks, museums, insurance companies as well as jewelry stores and shops, it secures attempted burglary. This glass is used for all types of surfaces: windows, doors, psrtitions, curtain wall, and ground floor.

Advantages of tempered laminated glass
This glass will protect you from intruders due to its high impact resistance. The special functional film enables the glass to withstand successive shots as may be worn in case of attempted burglary. Tests have shown that this glass is capable of withstanding nearly 20 ax blows without breaking. With its manufacturing technique and adding a special protective film, glass breakage will be retained in case of breakage, thereby significantly reducing the risk of injury. The anti-UV coating this glass also protects your furnitures accelerated fading.

The thicknesses and shapings available
The burglar retardant glass is available to order in different thicknesses from 8.76mm to 65mm. Triple laminated glass is available with us.
The burglar retardant glass is available whth polished edges, drilling holes, cut outs, safety corners to fit different accessories when install.

Available designs for burglary retardant glass
acid etched glass
It can make you sand your burglar retardant glass plain or frosted way to bring a touch aesthetic or practical. This method let light through and the same time offer protection of privacy according to use.

Colored or opaque

The glass can be tinted colors or printed opaque colors and designs. So laminated glass is very functional of decoration.

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