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Why I choose SGP Sentry Tempered Laminated Glass as a Frameless Glass Wall, Frameless Glass Doors, F

  • Author:Susan
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-10-26
Both SGP laminated glass and PVB laminated glass are be considered as a good solution for glass handrail, glass fencing, glass wall, glass doors, etc.  But why I think Tempered Laminated Glass With SGP Sentry Film is the best glass solution of no-frame glass structural system? 

Here are some comparisons between SGP Laminated Glass and PVB laminated Glass for your reference:

1.Commons: both of them are took as a safety glass, when the breakage is occurred, the glass fragments are stick by PVB film or SGP film, that is max reduce the injury compare to tempered glass or anneal glass.


  • Frameless SGP safety laminated glass is Extremely durable and resistant to clouding, still can keep flawless and transparent after years of exposure. But PVB safety laminated glass can’t achieve this, when they exposure outside directly, the interlayer of PVB film will become yellow. Thus they usually work with framed glass structural. 

  • Laminated Glass SGP sentry film interlayer have bounce, they can still keep completely stand there when they withstand strong storms, hurricane, even cyclone. Look back to Laminated Glass with PVB Film interlayer, they can’t do this, they will broken down easily. 

Shenzhen Sun Global Glass is a professional SGP laminated glass factory in China. Our services including:

1.Cutouts: the shape cutouts are brilliant 
2.Drill holes: the countersunk holes are accurate and perfect for the fitting requirement which produced against CAD drawings 
3.Edge work: straight, flat and smooth glass edge, a pleasing aesthetic work. 

Welcome to contact with us anytime. 

frameless SGP glass balustrade

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