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Treak or treat , Hollaween Festival style of silk screen glass

  • Author:kim
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufactuer.com
  • Release on:2016-10-31
Yearly Halloween Festival is again now,althrough the atomosphere is not stronger as Westurn Countries in part of Asia,but we still can see a lot people celebrating Hollaween. Many supermarket or public places are also decorated with Hollaween style. For example,the showcase decorated as Holloween style.Let's enjoy the showcase decorated with Hollaween styple,you can feel the strong atmosphere of festival.

But do you know how this pattern printed to showcase? showcase is made of glass.

In residential glass industry,this kind of glass called silk screen glass,is one side covered with solid color irremovable decorative motifs, logo or pattern or pictures. It is produced in high temperature same to tempered glass, have all the advantages of tempered glass, meanwhile open a world for colorful glass decoration.

But why silk screen glass so popular to decorated when Hollaween Festival.

Lead free silk screen glass has a wide range of  standard patterns which can be produced in a number of colors. Personalised patterns,which may be in several color,can be designed for specific projects.On facades lead free silk screen glass increased the solor control performance of double glazed units. The spectrophotometric properties vary according to the density and colour of the pattern. 

Exceptional durability and safety
silk sceen glass is toughened glass conforming to Standard BS EN 12150 and CE certification. It provides all the durability and safety characteristics of toughened glass. For both facades and interior applications remain stable over time.

Enjoying your Hollaween Festival.

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