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What is SGP film?

  • Author:Susan
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-07
SGP Sentry film is a laminated glass ionomer interlayer, which is invented by DuPont company. SGP ionic polymer produced by the middle of the film performance, tear strength is generally 5 times the PVB film, PVB film hardness is 30-l00 times. When the deformation rate is low, the SGP laminated glass is characterized by elastic plastic and the PVB is super-elastic.

When the deformation rate is high, the PVB becomes hard and becomes elastic plastic. The SGP has high rigidity in the whole range. SGP laminated glass and the same thickness of a single piece of glass have almost equal bending strength. Compared to EVA interlayer lamianted glass, PVB film laminated glass or other interlayer of laminated glass, SGP laminated glass has higher strength properties and rigidity, can effectively reduce the glass thickness, especially for point support glass. H.P.Whitc Laboratory and Standard National Research Institute of the performance test shows that the same thickness of the SGP film made of laminated glass and polycarbonate made of laminated glass equivalent. SGP film laminated glass with better security performance. For example, the use of 2.28mm thick SGP film made of laminated glass can successfully withstand up to 200kPa (30psi) over-voltage explosion.

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SGP safety laminated glass

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