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What is tempered glass spontaneous breakage?

  • Author:Brenda
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-11
Tempered glass (toughened glass) may spontaneous break (self-exploding) without any apprent reason. It is about two or three in a thousand may occur the spontaneous broken, but it is not absolute.

The spontaneous breakge are mainly caused by below:
1. tiny damage during installation, such as edge chipping. The center of tempered glass is very strong, 5 times than annealed glass, but the edge and corners are not as strenght as the center part. A chipping edge may let the damage developed larger to the whole glass damage. 
2. glass in frame, when eviornment temperature goes up, the stresses may get glass expands and develop into breakge
3. glass internal defects mainly refer to nickel sulfide inclusions
4. installed in a place under risk of wind pressure for long time.

To get rid of self-exploding of tempered glass, even the rate might be less as one to a thousand, we created heat soaked tempered glass, and laminated safety glass for security guranteen. To be used as canopy, and high buildings.

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