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What’s the characteristic of monolithic fire proof glass and multi-layer fire resistance glass?

What’s the characteristic of monolithic fire proof glass and multi-layer fire resistance glass?

Bella Zhang www.sggglassmanufacturer.com 2016-11-12 09:27:23
Monolithic fire proof glass is a kind of single-layer glass structure fireproof glass.  The fire resistance glass maintain the integrity of fire resistance, block the fire surface of the naked-fire and toxic & harmful gas in a certain period of time, but does not have the insulation function.
single layer fire resistance glass
When fire disaster occurs, the fire surface and oposite fire surface of ordinary float glass will instantly form a large temperature difference. In such a temperature difference, the ordinary glass will be broken in 1 to 2 minutes due to strong thermal stress. Even for physical tempered glass, will be completely broken in 3 to 5 minutes.

As monolithic fire resistant glass undergoes a high-temperature ion exchange chemical process for more than 20 hours, it has low coefficient of thermal expansion. At high temperatures, the monolithic fire proof glass become soften without breaking , and preserve integrity to block flame, poisonous and harmful gas to spread and build security barrier.

Composite fire-proof glass or multi-layer fire resistance glass is composed of multi-layer glass with water-soluble inorganic fire-resistant laminated sandwich compound, while meeting the fire integrity, and fire-resistant insulation requirements.
multilayer fire proof glass
The fireproof principle of the heat-proof multi-layer fire-resistant glass is that, when fire occurs, the special transparent chemical substance in middle of the heat-proof composite fire-resistant glass absorbs the heat in the flame to expand and expand into an opaque white. The heat generated by the fire from the fire-oriented back to the surface of the fire surface conduction. While prevent the heat radiation transmission from the fire surface of the glass to the back surface. In this process, the glass as a whole to maintain complete part, can form a effective barrier to block flame, smoke and combustion of high temperature gas diffusion and spread.

The combined heat and radiation protection of the composite fire-resistant glass allows the evacuation or rescue person in the area of the glass backfire area to be protected against high-temperature heat and burns from heat radiation, while prevent combustible materials and articles in the area such as wood products, carpets in a certain period of time by high temperature and heat radiation ignited.

Source from www.sggglassmanufacturer.com