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What's the points need attention for energy saving glass in architecture?

What's the points need attention for energy saving glass in architecture?

Bella Zhang www.sggglassmanufacturer.com 2016-11-14 14:01:27
In construction of glass doors, glass windows and glass curtain wall of the building, the glass wall is the most widely composition used as wall materials, but also the most easy part of heat transfer. Glass curtain wall construction  impacted  by the sun and outdoor temperature is largest. Therefore, the choice of appropriate varieties of glass doors & windows and glass curtain wall is a major energy saving measures.Energy-saving glass include heat-reflective glass, insulating glass etc.

1. Heat reflective glass
Monolithic heat reflecting glass can be directly used in the glass curtain wall, but also can manufacture to hollow glass, laminated glass, for example, use heat-reflective glass and ordinary clear float glass made of insulated glass to produce glass curtain wall. The shielding coefficient is only about 10%, while the heat transfer coefficient is about 1.74w / (m2.K), similar to 240mm thick brick wall Insulation performance.
In curtain wall construction, the coating surface of coated glass should be installed in the interior. The coating surface can be identified with a pencil to observe the reflection position, such as the reflection and pencil intersection, this surface is coated surface. If the reflection and pencil staggered, this surface is non coating surface.

2. Insulated glass
Using insulating glass as hidden glass curtain wall , the second sealant must use silicone sealant glue and structural glass assembly with sealant glue, the two kind glues must be compatible the sealant. when the structural glass assembly with some kind of silicone sealant glue, it is better to use the same plant silicone sealant glue for the insulating glass sealant.

Use of heat reflective glass, heat absorbing glass, laminated glass and tempered glass made of insulating glass, must distinguish the positive and negative surface in installation. When the outside use coated glass, the coating surface should be in the air spacer layer.
Installation and construction of insulating glass should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the construction specifications, to prevent glass rupture by outside partial non-uniform force. Hollow glass and the frame can not have direct connect. Hollow glass putty must be not hard type, and does not contain chemical material reaction with insulating glass sealant.

The operating temperature of installation of insulating glass should be above 4℃, can not below 4℃. In order to make better use of the energy saving characteristics of insulating glass, can use insulating glass composed by the heat-reflective glass and heat-absorbing glass.

Source from www.sggglassmanufacturer.com