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Why laminated glass have bubbles in the interlayer?

  • Author:Susan
  • Source:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-05-18
Suppose there are bubbles in the interlayer of laminated glass, that means that these glass are defective products. They can not be delivered to install on the construction site or to be applied for the next further production processing.

It is very dangerous to use these laminated glass on the buildings as below:

1. they have weak performance of safety. Because the interlayer film (PVB film, EVA film, SGP film, etc) can't hold the fragment of glass panels firmly when the breakage occurs.

2. they can't have aesthetic when they are installed at both internal or external.

3. poor performance of soundproof, energy saving, etc.

What are reasons to cause these bubbles?

1. the flatness for these two glass pieces

suppose  the flatness degree of matching aspects of problems, that will cause debonding inner laminated glass stress release process occurred;

2. Insufficient thickness of interlayer film

some building constructors want to save the cost, they would choose the 0.38mm or 0.76mm, that is a mistake. As a profession building glass manufacturer, we always suggest client to use sufficiency PVB film, such as: the interlayer thickness is too weak can't withstand the self weight of glass. for example: 2pcs of tempered glass had better use 1.14mm or 1.52mm PVB film.

3. Poor quality of interlayer film

4. The processing technology problem, such as the preloading autoclave temperature parameter deviation;

5.  curtain drainage system design defects, i.e. laminated glass edge is always soaked in water or steam, resulting in film After the bubble or degumming phenomenon. In view of this situation may consider the use of poor hydrophilicity of the film

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