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12 mm heat soaked toughened glass, 12 mm heat soaked safety glass, 12 mm HST tempered glass

12 mm heat soaked toughened glass, 12 mm heat soaked safety glass, 12 mm HST tempered glass

  • Glass type: Soaked tempered heat glass/tempered glass of HST/heat-Reinforced glass
  • Color gamut: Clear, extra clear, acid-etched glass, tinted colors, colors and printed patterns
  • Glass Size: Custom size, maximum 8000 in length
  • Package: Wooden crates for export
  • Delivery: 10-15 days, urgent service is available
SGG 12 mm heat soaked tempered glass supplier and manufacturer in China

12 mm heat Soak glass Also called HST 10 mm glass. The goal of 12 mm heat soak temepred glass is to reduce the risk of spontaneous breakage. The autoexplosion of tempered glass was caused by NIS in the temepred glass. Thus, the heat soak temepred glass can reduce the rate of autoexplosion much. Usually put the tempered glass in the thermal soaking chamber at a high temperature of about 290 ° C. for several hours.

During the reinforced process. The toughened glass contains NIS will be broken in the room, that is why the heat soak the tempered glass has a lower rate of spontaneous.

Specifications of 12 mm heat soak glass:

-Thickness: 12 mm 

-Color: Clear, extra clear, frosted, tinted colors, printed color and pattern

-Size: Custom size, maximum 8 meters in length

 The benefits of glass soaking heat  

The tempered glass of 1.12 mm of heat has a lower rate of spontaneous rupture than the tempered glass of 12 mm

2.12 mm soaked tempered glass has excellent heat shock performance and rapid temperature changes

3.12 mm Hear soak the toughened glass 5 times stronger and the bending force compare to clear float glass.

4.12 mm tempered toughened glass can fire resistance to some extent

5.12 mm Heat Soak temepred glass has a good soundproofing and energy saver effect 

Applications of 12 mm heat Soak glass:

Glass balustrade/balustrades/fence

Glass Balustrade 

Glass roof 

Glass Skylight 

Glass Front 

Glass curtain Wall 

Glass Door

Details of 12 mm heat Soak glass:

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Package and loading:

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