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15MM Heat Soaked Toughened Glass panels, Bespoken 15MM  Heat Soaked Tempered Safety Glass, 15mm HST Toughened Glass15MM Heat Soaked Toughened Glass panels, Bespoken 15MM  Heat Soaked Tempered Safety Glass, 15mm HST Toughened Glass

15MM Heat Soaked Toughened Glass panels, Bespoken 15MM Heat Soaked Tempered Safety Glass, 15mm HST Toughened Glass

  • Glass type: Heat Soaked Clear Tempered Glass
  • Thickness range: 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 9mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
  • Size: cut to size, extra large size, bespoke size (minmum 300mm x300mm, maximum 8000mm)
  • Color: clear, ultra clear, frosted, tinted colors, printed colors
  • Package: safety exportation wood crates
  • Delivery: 7-15 days, urgent service available
  • Container: LCL, 20'GP, 20OT, 40GP, 40OT
15MM Heat Soak Tempered Glass --Safety building material 

During clear float glass production processing, there is a risk weight of glass nickel sulphide inclusions. It can cause an increase in internal stress of tempered glass, which can ultimately lead to spontaneous rupture. Although this phenomenon is extremely rare, it still existed there. Thus Heat Soak Test is very necessary and useful solution to improve safety.

When glass is under heat treatment, these nickel sulphide inclusions undergo a phase change as a function of time and temperature. If located near the central tension core of the glass, the expansion of these inclusions may provide sufficient stresses to lead to spontaneous breakage. When tempered glass is heat soak tested, the glass is placed in an oven and subjected to temperatures of 290℃±10℃, this processing must be lasting for a certain time.Variety glass thickness need to serve different times. Normally two hour dwell time is capable of reducing the potential for spontaneous breakage in heat soak tested glass to 5/1000.thus Heat Soak test is a useful method to reduce this accident.

15MM Heat Soaked Toughened Glass Specification:

1. Glass Thickness: 15mm 

2. Glass substrate: 15mm clear float glass, 15mm ultra clear float glass, 15mm silkscreen glass, 15mm frosted glass, etc. 

3. Bespoken sizes are available 

4. can be curved, silkscreen printed, etc. 

SGG 15MM HST Tempered Glass Features: 

1.Five times higher bending strength compare to 15MM clear float glass

2.Good resistance performance to thermal shock or rapid changes in the ambient temperature which the heating is caused by solar radiation. 

3.Reduce the risk of injury when it is broken. 

4.To reduce tempered glass’ spontaneous rupture, let your building to be more safe.

SGG Toughened Glass Processing Services: 

1.Customized sizes or shapes which are measured by the construction site. Shapes of rectangles, polygons, arc, and circles, and so on. 

2.Cutout, drill hole, polished edge, bevelled edge, safety corner, etc.

3.Coated with silicon coatings or enameled, silk screen painted, etc.

HST Toughened Glass Quality Standard Quality: 

1. 15MM heat soak toughened glass are comply with BS 6206 UK safety glass standard.  

2. 15MM heat soaked tempered glass are comply with EN 12150 CE European safety glass standard.  

3. 15MM HST tempered glass are comply with Chinese Safety Glass Compulsory Certification (CCC) 


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