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6mm heat soak tempered glass,6mm heat soaked toughened glass,6mm heat soak test glass6mm heat soak tempered glass,6mm heat soaked toughened glass,6mm heat soak test glass6mm heat soak tempered glass,6mm heat soaked toughened glass,6mm heat soak test glass

6mm heat soak tempered glass,6mm heat soaked toughened glass,6mm heat soak test glass

  • Glass: 6mm heat soak tempered glass
  • Other name: 6mm HST tempered glass, 6mm Heat soak test tempered glass, 6mm tempered HS glass,6mm toughened HS glass
  • Size & shape: bespoke sizes, detailed process based on customers’ drawing
  • Thickness: 4mm heat soak glass, 5mm heat soak glass, 8mm heat soak glass, 10mm heat soak glass, 12mm heat soak glass, 15mm heat soak glass, 19mm heat soak glass
  • Maximum Size: 3.3m*13m
  • Glass color: clear, ultra clear, acid etched, tinted colors, printed colors
  • Package: durable seaworthy wood crates for exportation
  • Delivery: 10-15 days, urgent service available
  • Container: LCL, 20'GP, 40'GP, 20'OT, 40'HC
SZG 6mm Heat Soak Tempered Glass Supplier and Manufacturer in China

6mm Heat Soak Glass also called 6mm HST glass. The aim of 6mm heat soak temepred glass is reducing the risk of spontaneous broken. 

What is NiS?

A nickel sulfide (NiS) inclusion is a rare imperfection that can occur if nickel-rich elements are present in the glass-manufacturing process. These elements, such as stainless steel, can combine with sulphur to form nickel sulfide inclusions.

What is heat soak test?

Heat soak testing is a destructive test. Tempered Glass is put into a heat Soak Oven and brought to and held at a temperature of 555 degrees Farenheit for two hours. Most glass containing Nickel Sulphide will shatter during this process and thus be eliminated from the glass project. 

Heat soaking is a process utilized to expose NiS inclusions in tempered glass before the glass reaches the field. It involves placing tempered glass inside a chamber and raising the temperature to approximately 290°C to accelerate nickel sulfide expansion. This is intended to cause glass containing nickel sulfide inclusions to break in the heat soak chamber, thus reducing the risk of potential breakage in the field.


1.Heat soak glass carry the risk of reducing the compressive stress in tempered glass.

2.Heat soak test reduce the risk of breakage due to inclusions

3.Heat Soak Testing protects against spontaneous breakage of toughened glass.

4.The Heat Soak Testing process adds longevity to toughened glass by eliminating foreign bodies that occur in raw materials of float glass especially “Nickel Sulphide (NiS)”.


Glass name: 6mm heat soaked toughened glass

Glass thickness: 4mm heat soak tempered glass,5mm heat soak tempered glass,6mm heat soak tempered glass,8mm heat soak tempered glass,10mm heat soak tempered glass,12mm heat soak tempered glass,15mm heat soak tempered glass,19mm heat soak tempered glass

Glass color: transparent heat soak glass,blue heat soak glass,bronze heat soak glass,green heat soak glass,gray heat soak glass,ultra clear heat soak glass etc

Glass thickness: 3300x13000mm(max size), customized sizes

Process details: holes, cut-outs,edges,safety corners will produce based on CAD drawing

Quality standard:

6mm heat soak glass are produced strictly under ISO9001 Quality System and passes following domestic and international quality standards:

1. 6mm heat soak glass meet CCC(Chinese Safety Glass Compulsory Certification)

2. 6mm heat soak glass meet China tempered glass standard GB15763.2.

3. 6mm heat soak glass meet meet European safety glass standard EN12150.


As heat soak glass reduce the risk of glass self blew, and use widely for place needs high attention of safety consideration, mostly use the areas need safety considerations, such as:

1.Glass facade, glass curtain wall

2.Glass fence, glass balustrade, glass railings

3.Glass partition, glass wall, glass partition wall

4.Glass door, glass shower door, glass shower screen

Details of 6mm Heat Soak Tempered Glass:

Product Pictures

6mm heat soak glass

6mm heat soak tempered glass

6mm heat soak toughened glass

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