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4mm silk screen glass,4mm silk screen printed glass,4mm silk screen printing glass

4mm silk screen glass,4mm silk screen printed glass,4mm silk screen printing glass

  • Glass type: 4mm silk screen glass
  • Other name: printed glass / enamel glass/ opaque glass / painted glass
  • Technique: silk screen printing glass, high pixel digital printing glass, oil painting glass
  • Material: tempered glass, or laminated glass
  • Thickness: 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
  • Size: bespeak size (minmum 300x3OOmm, maximum3.3x12m)
  • Color: solid pantone colors, or OEM patterns
  • Application: glass cut board, wall decoration, splashback, glass table tops etc
  • Package: strong exportation wood crates
  • Delivery: 7-15days
  • Container: LCL, 20'GP
Sun Global Glass Silk Screen Printed Glass 4mm - Any color and design can be customized based on customers’ requirement.

4mm Silkscreen printed glass(also called 4mm silk screen printing glass, 4mm silk screen painted tempered glass, 4mm silk screen toughened glass, 4mm painted tempered glass, 4mm painted toughened glass, 4mm printing glass, 4mm painted glass)is applying a thin layer of ceramic paint onto the 4mm glass surface by adopting silk-screen printing process. Glass screen printing is the use of screen printing plate and use of glass glaze,  printing decorative patterns on glass. Glass glaze known as glass inks is the glass printing materials and from the coloring material, connecting materials mixed mixing paste printed material. Printed glass is putting the stove to the temperature of 520 ~ 600 ℃ for firing, printing on the glass surface of the glaze can be consolidated in the glass, the formation of colorful decorative patterns.

Method of Silk Screen Glass:
Glass screen printing is a process of glass processing, there are two ways:
manual silk screen
screen printing with machine

Process of Silk Screen Glass: 
According to the principle of screen printing, printing ink to the surface of flat glass, and then using ink curing measures, making the design firm and durable. The process is as follows:
Stretching → sizing → drying → developing → drying

Flat glass → cutting → milling → washing and drying → printing



1. Tempered Glass characteristics: 4mm Silk screen printed glass is produced through tempering furnace and belong tempered safety glass, 5 times harder than 4mm clear float glass.

2. Color will not fade:  the color on 4mm silk screen glass will not fade forever even broken.

3. Various color choice: SGG provide all colors based on PANTONE or RALCOLOR charts

4. Real & vivid picture printing: the color is the copy color based on PANTONE or RALCOLOR charts

5. Printing design:only need to provide CAD drawing


4mm Silk screen printed glass is widely used in Architectural interior and exterior decoration, glass furniture and electronic glass products.

Glass shower doors 

Glass table tops

Glass partition wall.

Glass fence, glass railing, glass balustrade etc. 

Be assembled into 4mm+4mm laminated glass or 4mm+4mm insulating glass 


1. thickness: 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm

2. Minimum printing size: 300x300mm
    Maximum printing size: 3300x12000mm

3. colors: Any color customized based on Pantone or RAL charts

4. Holes, edges, safety corner process based on customers’ drawing and design.


1. silk screen printed glass 4mm meet BS 6206 UK safety glass standard.

2. silk screen printed glass 4mm meet EN 12150 CE European safety glass standard.

3. silk screen printed glass 4mm meet Chinese Safety Glass Compulsory Certification (CCC)

Product details for silk screen printing glass 4mm:

Product Pictures:

4mm silk screen glass

Production Line:

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High pixel silk screen printed glass 4mm  for interial decoration and furniture glass.
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