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31.52mm HST SGP laminated insulated glass with Low E glass, (6mm HST glass+1.52mm SGP film+6mm HST glass)+12A+6mm Low E heat soaked tested Glass

31.52mm HST SGP laminated insulated glass with Low E glass, (6mm HST glass+1.52mm SGP film+6mm HST glass)+12A+6mm Low E heat soaked tested Glass

  • Specification:
  • 1.Glass product: double glazing glass unit (DGU), insulated glass unit (IGU), etc
  • 2.Glass construction: 13.52mm SGP tempered laminated Glass Heat soaked testing, 6mm Low E tempered HST glass
  • 3.Isolation spacer thickness: 12mm ( filled with Argon gas, air, or Vacuum)
  • 4.Glass size & shape: any bespoke size is available, rectangle, square, or irregular shapes, both flat & curved are available.
  • 5.Further processing: glass border silkscreen printing, silkscreen printing, etc.
Hurrricane Resistant Double Glazing Glass---13.52mm SGP Heat Soaked Tempered Laminated Glass+12A+6mm Low E Heat Soak Testing Tempered Glass

Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) consists of two or three glass panes which are separated by an insolation space ( vacuum, gas, or argon gas) to reduce heat transfer through a part of the building glass facade, glass doors, glass windows, etc. Normally, Insulating Glass are made of monolithic tempered glass ( annealed glass ) with in range of thickness from 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm; tempered laminated glass (toughened laminated glass ) with in range of thickness from 8.76mm, 10.76mm, 9.52mm, 11.52mm, 13.52mm, etc. Most of time people use the same or equivalent thickness of glass used on both panes, but in some special applications, acoustic attenuation or security make require a wide ranges of thickness to be incorporated in the same insulating glass unit.

31.52mm HST SGP tempered laminated double glazing glass with Low E HST glass, they are very popular with some costal regions where hurricane, storm, typhoon occurs frequently. That is because of SGP film Tempered Laminated Glass takes an important part in this double glazed unit.

HST SGP tempered laminated double glazing glass

Glass Substrate:

Double Glazed Glass substrate:  (6mm heat soak testing Tempered Glass +1.52mm DuPont SentryGlas+6mm Heat soaked tested glass)+12A+ 6mm Low E tempered Glass HST

1.Traditional double glazed glass used a single glass pane to separate the interior and exterior spaces. When SGP tempered laminated glass (a very compact multi-layer sandwich glass) as one part of glass pane, they can withstand heavier impact from hurricane, storm, typhoon, etc. 

2.DuPont Sentry film is a special security materials for laminated glass. Its rigidity is 100 times more than traditional materials, such as: PVB film, EVA film, etc.; Its tenacity of toughness is 5 times more. It can bear heavier wind load or impact stress. Most important is that when the glass breakage occurs, the fragments don't fall down, reduce the injure to people. They are perfect materials to be apply in public areas for security reasons, for example, store glass front door, building exterior glass curtain wall, building glass envelope enclosure, glass railings, etc.

3.Heat soaked testing is a best solution to prevent or reduce the tempered glass unanticipated spontaneous explosion in the future.

4.Low Emissivity coated glass can have various shades of neutral, blue, grey, green, golden, etc. The appearance of a glass facade will chance with environment. We can bespoke the colors of Low E glass to meet different projects' demand, such as: U value, visible light transmittance, shading coefficient, etc.


Because spacers are filled with air, argon, or vacuum,  SGP tempered laminated insulating glass have characteristics for reducing sound dampening.

Typically, spacers are filled contain desiccant to remove moisture trapped in the gas space during manufacturing, thereby lowering the dew point of the gas in that space, and preventing condensation from forming on surface #2 when the outside glass pane temperature falls.

There are variety spacers for options:

1.12mm Warm edge spacer

2.12mm aluminum edge spacer

3.12mm stainless steel edge spacer

Hollow Double Glazing Glass’ double sealant

An adhesive sealant (butyl rubber) is applied to the face of the spacer on each side and the glass panes pressed against the spacer.

The units are then sealed on the edge side using either Silicone Sealant or Structural Glazing Sealant to prevent humid outside air from entering the unit. The desiccant will remove traces of humidity from the air space so that no water appears on the inside faces (no condensation) of the glass panes facing the air space during cold weather. 

HST SGP tempered laminated double glazing glass

SGP Laminated Glass HST Hollow Double Glazed Glass Application:

1.Glass curtain wall

2.Glass roof

3.Glass facade

4.Store glass front doors

5.Glass windows


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