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What’s differences of Semi tempered Glass and Full tempered Glass?

What’s differences of Semi tempered Glass and Full tempered Glass?

Bella Zhang www.sggglassmanufacturer.com 2016-11-10 11:50:50

Both are enhanced treatment glass, half tempered glass strength increased about 2 times, full tempered glass strength increased 3 to 5 times.


1.Full tempered glass is safety glass. After broken the glass become granular and will not cause harm to the human body. Certain parts of the building must use full tempered glass. Half tempered glass is non-safety glass. After broken, still large pieces of glass with sharp rupture of the edge, will cause harm to human beings. While the half tempered glass will not have self explosion risk, commonly used as inner side of glass curtain wall.

2. The full tempered glass pass through national compulsory 3C certification. There are strict physical and chemical properties of the test requirements, and monitor glass performance and glass process by national designated agency. Half tempered glass have performance requirements, but not mandatory.

3. Both kind glass need to heat treatment with tempered furnace, but half tempered glass treatment requirements significantly lower than the latter.
semi tempered glass and full tempered glass

Characteristics of semi-tempered glass:

The production process of semi-tempered glass is similar to tempered glass, but in the process of quenching the pressure is lower than the tempered glass requirements. The surface stress in semi-tempered glass is between 24-69 MPA, which is lower than the surface stress of tempered glass. Therefore, the strength of semi-tempered glass and thermal shock resistance are slightly lower than the tempered glass. While compared to ordinary float glass, improved 1-2 times.

Compared with tempered glass, the biggest advantage of semi-tempered glass is the glass flatness, light distortion. Due to low stress, half tempered glass will not produce self-explosion phenomenon. After broken,  the fragments of semi-tempered glass is similar to ordinary float glass, will not become small debris. The fragments will not fall down from the building. It is very important for architectural glass. This can avoid broken glass slide from the air to the ground, and cause danger for the pedestrians. Semi-tempered glass can withstand 1000℃ temperature without damage, good thermal shock resistance.

Usage and Restriction:

Semi-tempered glass use for glass curtain wall and outside glass window in the building, can be made of coated tempered glass. The image distortion is better than tempered glass.As monolithic half-tempered glass (heat-strengthened glass) does not belong to safety glass. Because of once broken, semi toughened glass will form large debris and radial cracks. Most fragments are with sharp corners, and will cause harm for human beings. The half toughened glass can not be used for skylights or possible occasions that human touch directly. 

Sun Global Glass is one of  building glass manufacturers in China, produce full tempered glass and semi tempered glass under ISO9001 quality standard. Our tempered glass have passed CCC, BS6206, EN 12150 and GB15763.2-2005 National Safety Tempered Glass Standards.

Source from www.sggglassmanufacturer.com