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Why the Insulated glass have fog in winter?

Why the Insulated glass have fog in winter?

Jessica www.sggglassmanufacturer.com 2017-12-27 17:15:16
Why the Insulated glass have fog in winter.

1.Double-glazed windows in the installation, the construction process is poor, after the use of double-glazed windows for a certain period of time, the sealant cracking phenomenon, resulting in water vapor into the double glazing interlayer, with the the temperature rises and water vapor evaporates, it becomes small drops of water when double-glazed windows come into contact, resulting in the fogging of the insulated glass.

2.Double glazing in the installation, the sink is not  installed, leading to its surface water is higher than the profile, then water flow into the glass sandwich. Under the sunlight, water vapor forms a mist, resulting in fogging of the insulated glass.

3.Double glazing in the installation, in which the installation of partitions is not reasonable. If there is no gap between the septum and the edge of the glass, the septum will adsorb the rainwater on the double-glazing when the rain contacts the glass, resulting in fogging of the insulated glass. If the indoor temperature and outdoor temperature difference is too large, and the indoor air humidity is too large, prone to double glass fog phenomenon.

How to make the fog disappear from insulated glass.

1.If the sealant is not sealed due to the double glass fog phenomenon, you can double-glazed sealant with a tool removed and re-cleaned the glass window, to be dried, the glass Sealant brushing process.

2.If the double glazing sink location is not installed, then the double glazed windows should be removed and re-installed.

3.If the double glass partition is installed, double glazing can be added on the glass gasket. Remove the original septum, reinstall the septum, pay attention to the location of the septum paste with the edge of the glass to maintain a certain distance, usually 2mm most appropriate. And in the installation of glass windows, be careful not to stained in the septum water, so as not to affect the quality of its installation. If the temperature difference is too large and caused by the fog phenomenon, you can open the window for a while, so that the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature difference becomes smaller until the fog dispersed.

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