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5mm+9A+5mm insulated glass windows,19mm IGU glass windows panel,Energy saving hollow glass window5mm+9A+5mm insulated glass windows,19mm IGU glass windows panel,Energy saving hollow glass window

5mm+9A+5mm insulated glass windows,19mm IGU glass windows panel,Energy saving hollow glass window

  • Insulated Glass Specification:
  • 1.Glass Application: Window Glass panels
  • 2.Glass Type: Insulated Glass
  • 3.Glass Thickness: customized thickness, such as: 16mm, 21mm, 24mm....
  • 4.Glass substrate: clear float glass, tinted glass, reflective glass, Low E glass, and so on.
  • 5.Production Services: can be tempered, laminated, silkscreen printed, frosted, curved, and so on.
  • 6.Size& Shape: customized
  • 7.Color: french green, euro grey, ford blue, dark grey, dark blue, and so on. Customized color also is available.

Insulated Glass Window Panels

SZG Insulated Glass Window is made of two or more pieces of glass glazing sheets which might be low e or reflective glass or normal float colored glass and use sealant gumming and aluminum spacers which was filled with desiccant together. Insulated glass/ Hollow glass/IGU/Double glazing glass with the perimeter of the spacer that gets in contact with the glass is properly sealed with primary and secondary sealants to ensure it with air/argon tight.

5mm+5mm insulated glass can be 5mm clear tempered glass+5mm low e tempered glass,5mm clear tempered glass+5mm reflective tempered glass.One of the most advantages of insulated glass window is energy saving. It will be saved a lot air condition cost.


1). Optical performance Visible LT 10%-80% and LR 13%-35% depends on different panes of Insulated glass 

2). Thermal feature Insulating glass can reduce U value, especially when filled with inert gas 

3). Sound insulation Insulated glass can lower the noise, if applied with laminated pane,80 decibels of traffic noise could be as low as 45 decibels 

4) Anti-dew: Double glazing glass is filled enough desiccant which can efficiently absorb vapor in the inner space or penetrated from outside to ensure the gas in inner space is absolutely dry and won't dew.

Insulated glass composition:

1.tempered glass+ Air space+Low e tempered glass

2.tempered glass+ Air space+Reflective toughened glass

3.tempered glass+Air Space+Heat strengthened glass

4.Tempered glass+Air space+Tinted tempered glass


Glass substrate thickness:8mm,5mm,6mm,10mm available 

Air space thickness:6A,9A,12A,15A,20A 

Air space options:Dry Air,Argon 

Glass thickness:5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm

Color: clear,grey,green,blue,customized color

Max: 2700x3700mm  


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insulated glass windows


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