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6mm+6mm clear low e insulated glass 9mm spacer China suppliers

6mm+6mm clear low e insulated glass 9mm spacer China suppliers

  • Other name: Hollow glass, heat proof glass, sound insulation glass, double glazing/double glazed glass, insulating glass, insulation glass
  • Shape: flat insulated glass, curved insulated glass
  • Composition: glass+aluminum insulation spacer+glass
  • Single Glass Thickness: 5mm to 10mm
  • Insulated glass glue: butyl glue and sulfur glue
  • Spacer thickness: 6A 9A 12A 15A 20A
  • Package: strong exportation wood crates
  • Delivery: 10-15days after deposit payment received
  • Container: 20'GP, 20'OT, 40'HQ


CLEAR LOW E INSULATED GLASS/Insulated glass units(IGUs) also callsed insulated glass unit, insulated glazing units, thermal insulation units, double pane glass, dual pane glass, double pane insulated glass, thermal insulation glass, thermal seal insulating glass, double insulated glass is made of two or more pieces of glass with the middle part separated by the insulation  Aluminum  spacer which is filled with dehydrated air or gas. The hollow glass part is filled with dry air or inert gas and sealed by butyl glue, sulfur glue or structural sealant. The function of air/gas spacer is reduce water vapor penetration.The insulated glass unit is sealed by a secondary edge seal and that make structural robustness to the insulated glass. The aluminum spacer contains a desiccant and can absorb humidity from or within the air space. 


The insulated glass can made by any types from clear glass ,tinted glass, reflective glass,  low-e glass, tempered glass and laminated glass.
Air spacer are with  6mm 9mm 12mm 15mm 20mm thickness.  SGG insulated glass has enough desiccant in the space bar and  from three sides that are primary seal and secondary seal by machinery operation.

Single Glass thickness 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm
 Spacer thickness 6A, 9A, 12A, 15A, 20A
 Gas in Spacer Air, Argon
 Glass color Clear, ultra clear, bronze, blue, green, gray
Insulated glass size 1.Max: 2700x3700mm
3.Custom sizes
Insulated glass composition 1.Clear tempered glass+ Low e tempered glass
2.Clear tempered glass+Reflective tempered glass
3.Or customized composition based on requirements. 


Insulated glass combine with a solar control glass in a double glazed unit. The best advantages for insulated glass is to reduce thermal losses and the best way to improve the energy efficiency of a window or facade is insulated glass units.
1.Perfect transparency: insulated glass unit allows maximum light penetration and keeps the interior side warm by reducing the incidence of condensation on the warm air side.
2.Low enery consumption: insulated glass unit reduces solar heat, and helps to save energy and protect the environment.
3.Advanced thermal insulation: insulated glass unit Provides the possibility of using larger glazed areas without increasing energy consumption.
4.Sound insulation/proof: insulated glass unit have a good function of sound insulation.


Butyl glue insulated glass are used outside, and Sulfur glue insulated glass are used inside. 
1.Outside usage, curtain wall glass, facade glass etc
2.Inside usage, window glass, door glass, railing  glass etc.


Insulated glass Conforms to the standards of Europe, North American and China: ISO, CCC, CE, BS6206, EN12510, ANSI Z97.

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clear low e insulated glass 6mm+6mm

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Our promise is that you receiving clear low e insulated glass 6mm +6mm with high quality and safety condition from us. 

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