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8mm+12A+8mm low e insulated glass curtain wall,28mm hollow glass facade,8mm+8mm exterior wall glass manufacturers8mm+12A+8mm low e insulated glass curtain wall,28mm hollow glass facade,8mm+8mm exterior wall glass manufacturers

8mm+12A+8mm low e insulated glass curtain wall,28mm hollow glass facade,8mm+8mm exterior wall glass manufacturers

  • Product name: curtain wall glass, facade glass, exterior wall glass
  • Types of glass for facade glass:laminated glass or insulated glass
  • Shape of glass: flat curtain wall glass, curved curtain wall glass
  • Glass Thickness: 6mm +6mm, 8mm+8mm, 10mm+10mm etc
  • Benefits: Energy saving, Sound insulation, heat proof
  • Color: Clear, blue, green, gray, bronze, ultra clear etc

SZG 28mm insulated glass curtain wall - Light and beautiful architectural aesthetics & energy efficiency

28mm Insulated glass facade also called glass curtain wall, glass exterior wall, refers to the support structure system can be relative to the main structure of a certain displacement capacity and do not share the role of the main structure of the building envelope or decorative structure. Facade glass is a beautiful and innovative method of building wall decoration and is a modern high-rise building of the era of significant features. The facade glass are made by insulated glass or laminated glass in modern builiding.

Functions of curtain wall glass:

Modern high-rise facade normally used by insulated glass, with the composition of low e glass/coated reflective glass and ordinary clear glass combination, the compartment filled with dry air or inert gas insulating glass.

1. Insulating glass with noise insulation, heat insulation, anti-frost, anti-moisture, proof wind pressure and other advantages.

2.It was measured that when the outdoor temperature was -10 ℃, the temperature before the single-glazed window was -2°C, and the room temperature using insulating glass was 13°C. In the hot summer, double-insulated glass can block 90% of the solar radiation heat. The sun can still be through the glass curtain wall, but most of the body will not feel hot in the sun. The use of hollow glass curtain wall of the room can keep warm in winter and cool in summer, greatly improving the living environment.

Types of glass use in facade glass:

1. Laminated glass facade

2. Insulated glass facade

Production & Packing:


Thickness of glass exterior wall: 18mm exterior wall glass, 21mm exterior wall glass, 22mm exterior wall glass, 24mm exterior wall glass, 25mm exterior wall glass, 26mm exterior wall glass, 27mm exterior wall glass, 28mm exterior wall glass, 29mm exterior wall glass, 31mm exterior wall glass, 32mm exterior wall glass, 35mm exterior wall glass etc

Glass composition: Reflective coated glass/ Low e glass + Clear tempered glass or customized based on clients’ needs.

Max size: 3.3x12m, customized size based on customers’ drawing.

Quality Control:

As the glass facade uses very common in modern building, to control the quality is crutial importance. Sun Global Glass provide exterior wall glass comply with following standards:

1. 28mm insulated glass facade meet BS 6206 UK safety glass standard. 

2. 28mm insulated glass facade meet EN 12150 CE European safety glass standard. 

3. 28mm insulated glass facade meet Chinese Safety Glass Compulsory Certification (CCC)

4. 28mm insulated glass facade meet China Quality Standard GB11944.


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