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Custom Shape 27mm insulated glass, 27mm energy saving toughened insulated glass, 6mm+14a+6mm double glazing glass

Custom Shape 27mm insulated glass, 27mm energy saving toughened insulated glass, 6mm+14a+6mm double glazing glass

  • Other name: 27mm Hollow glass, 27mm heat proof glass, 27mm energy saving glass, 27mm sound insulation glass, 27mm double glazing glass, 27mm double glazed glass, 27mm insulating glass, 27mm insulation glass
  • Composition: tempered glass+aluminum spacer or warm edge spacer+tempered glass
  • Monolithic Glass Thickness: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc
  • Glue type: butyl glue and sulfur glue
  • Spacer thickness: 6A 9A 12A 15A 20A (can be vacuum, air, or argon air)
  • Package: strong exportation wood crates
  • Delivery: 10-15 days after deposit payment received
  • Container: 20'GP, 20'OT, 40'GP etc
Flat& Curved 27mm Insulating Glass For Glass Façade Systems Application

A new facade technology has gradually emerged in recent decades, Double Glazed Glass Units(DGU) has been become an vital element on the application of structural glass facades. It is driven largely by the pursuit of transparency in the building facade among leading international building designers. 

In this section 27mm Insulated Glass Units(IGU) is made by one pieces of 6mm tempered glass and one piece of 6mm tempered glass, bonded with 15A spacer (15mm aluminum spacer or 15mm warm edge spacer isolation). The insolation spacer can be filled with vacuum, air or argon. These four edges of IGU(insulating glass units) are sealed with high strength sealants that can perfectly avoid vapor water penetrated. 

The biggest advantage of Safety Tempered Insulated Glass is reducing thermal losses, lower energy consumption, to gain the high efficient energy saving and thermal remain, it can save a lot home application consumption. 

25MM insulated glass

Glass Specification:

1.Glass product: 27mm Double Glazed Glass, Energy Saving 27mm Insulated Glass, etc.

2.Other Insulating Glass you can have:  Warm Edge spacer insulated glass, Tempered Low E Insulated Glass, Safety Toughened Clear Tempered Double Glazing Glass, Tempered Laminated Insulated Glass, etc.

3.Thickness Options: 16mm Insulated Glass, 21mm Insulating Glass, 22mm Insulated Glass Units, 24mm Insulating Glass Units, 25mm Double Glazed Glass, 26mm Double Glazing Glass Units, 27mm DGU, 28mm IGU, 29mm Double Panel Glass, 30mm Insulated Glass Panel, 32mm Insulated Glass Unit, 35mm IGU, 40mm DGU, etc.

4.Isolation Spacer Thickness: 15A (15mm aluminum spacer or 15mm warm edge spacer)

5.The more isolation spacer you can have: 6A, 9A, 12A, 15A, 20A, etc.

6. Isolation Spacer Type: Gas, Argon Gas, or Vacuum

7.Min size: 200x200mm
   Max size: 3300x12000mm

8.Bicomponent ( structural seal and PIB) for secondary sealant

Glass Features:

A. Energy-saving 

B. Sound isolation

C. Can withstand more heavier impact, wind pressure resistance from outside

D. The desiccant absorbs the insulating glass unit's internal moisture.

E. Double seal treatment can offer a long using life time.

F. Flexible glass substrates’ combination can offer more and more idea for architects, enhance aesthetics of buildings. 

The Glass Substrate of IGU can be 6mm Tempered clear glass, 6mm Tempered low iron glass, 6mm silkscreen tempered glass, 6mm Tempered Low E glass, 6mm tempered frosted glass, etc.


Insulated glass belongs to high performance glass and use widely in modern architecture.
Insulating glass is mainly used for heating, air conditioning, noise or areas that need no direct sunlight or special light,see as below:

1.Glass window, glass door,or glass partition

2.Glass curtain wall,glass facade,glass exterior wall

3.Glass railing,glass balustrade,glass fence

4.Glass roof, glass skylight, glass roof

Quality Standard:

Our insulated glass manufacture strictly follow international quality system ISO9001:2015 and passed following quality standards:

1. 27mm insulated glass meet CCC standard(Chinese Safety Glass Compulsory Certification).

2. 27mm insulated glass meet China Insulated glass quality standard GB11944.

3. 27mm insulated glass meet meet European safety glass quality standard EN1279

Glass Production

Insulated Glass production


SZG insulated glass packing

Advantages about Us:

1.We have over 20 years production experiences of Insulated Glass. There are advanced production equipment, sophisticated workers, skilled technician team and professional sales teams to service you, to make sure we can offer you high end quality of glass and pleasant services which are beyond your expectation.

2.Before mass production, we will double check CAD drawings for each glass panel with clients.

25MM insulated glass

3.You can dedicated processing services including: drilled holes, cut notches, silkscreen printing, polished edges, bevelled edges, safety corners, etc.

4.You not only can have full tempered glass, but also can have heat strengthened glass and heat soaked tested glass.

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